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Whether you are a new brand in the fashion world and want to be a household name or an established brand that wants to take your company to the next level, Haute PR is the fashion pr firm for you. Haute PR is the top fashion PR firm in New York, known for providing result-driven, effective public relations services that results in great return on your investment.
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New York's Top Fashion PR Firms

Haute PR has special relationships with celebrities like Sonja Morgan from The Real Housewives of New York on Bravo TV. We use these relationships with celebrities to get your brand the fashion PR it deserves. We breaks through the media clutter to make sure your fashion brand makes an indelible impression. We have relationships with fashion magazines, TV shows,blogs and social networking sites that helps us boost your business. We are keyed into the latest fashion trends and trendsetters. We have professional fashion writers on staff that create powerful press releases and trend stories about your clothing line to make it a smashing success.
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Haute PR Knows Fashion Inside Out

We have a pool of uber-talented fashion experts as well as fashion magazines editors who have worked on world's leading fashion brands. Their creative strategies to promote brands have worked wonders and thousands of satisfied customers all across the United States and Europe are testimonials to this fact. We provide professionally written, fun, fabulous press releases that are aimed at your target demographic. These press releases attract journalists, which results in intense media coverage about your products and brand. We build a buzz around your product and and create a permanent brand impression in the minds of those who matter.
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Fashion PR Capital of the World

Overlooking the Chrysler Building in Manhattan, New York, Haute PR gets the best fashion PR media coverage. Located in the heart of the fashion industry, Haute PR has close media contacts that generate great press for our valued clients. Haute PR works closely with our clients to ensure that we get the angle, tone and look of press releases just right and provide constant guidance, support and feedback. Apart from the press releases we apply other means to get your brand noticed with power of PR. Our effective PR services will help you achieve competitive advantage over the competition by opening new accounts, attracting buyers, creating widespread brand recognition and providing access to funding and investors. With our great PR services, make magazine readers, TV viewers and radio listeners believe that your product is credible and better than similar products available on the market. The public relations coverage that we generate for your brand leads to increased profits and a cult following for your fashion line.
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Fashion PR Firms in NY

Looking for the best fashion pr firm in Manhattan? Well look no further. From ready to wear apparel to haute couture, fashion publicity is easy if you follow these free tips. What the fashion public relations agencies know is that you promote fashion companies by connecting to fashion magazines, blogs, newspapers and television shows for maximum pr. Fashion PR firms can be a conduit to connect your fashion brand to consumers. Given the precarious nature of the economy, retail stores rely on fashion public relations firms now more than ever.
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Fashion PR in New York City

Consumers are shunning conspicous consumption and turning to practical clothing brands over ostentatious logos. Customers are becoming increasingly pragmatic and weary of celebrity product placement by Los Angeles and New York public relations firms. So where do they turn for the best jewelry pr, accessories pr and handbag pr? Fashion practitioners who need fashion show pr, retail store openings, and new product launching, crave the attention of a boutique PR firm in New York City, NY, the fashion capital of the U.S.
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Passion for Fashion Publicity

Public relations companies in NYC tend to be better fashion industry public relations firms due to their proximity to the top fashion editors, style journalists and television shows. A good fashion publicist tends to have great publicity ideas, tips and tricks. A PR firm directory lists fashion companies that a public relations specialist would represent. For a praiseworthy public image, a fashion publicist becomes a strategist for a designer brand. Looking for the top pr firm or a boutique public relations firm that can give you personalized attention? For public relations in Manhattan, a fashion pr team knowlegable with fashion industry pr practice can yield and impresive return on investment for your fashion brand.